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Public Workshops

At Ganges Consulting, we offer a number of on-demand services and workshops that bring together key constucts of Business Model Generation, Business Model You, Blue Ocean Strategy, Stategic Insights from 3 Circles, The Value Model, Dilemma Reconciliation and Polarity Management™. Our offerings include:

  • Customised keynote presentations
  • In-house presentation and discussion sessions (1/2 day)
  • Strategy Development
  • Strategy Review and Advice

We offer both Public and In-house Workshops titled "Rethink your Business" designed for SMEs as well as programs for individuals such as "Reinvent your Career". These programs can be customised to meet the specific outcomes of the business and individuals.

Our interactive workshops titled Rethink your Business anchored by Business Model Generation and 3 Circles of Strategy were supported by the then NSW Department of Industry and Investment (formerly Department of State and Regional Development) in Sydney. These workshops, which are customised to meet your specific requirements, were subsequently hosted by Dell Computers for their SME customers in Australia and New Zealand.

An intensive program on The Value Model is offered for companies involved with product design, engineering and manufacturing. While Blue Ocean Strategy lends itself to overarching strategy development, The Value Model framework is more powerful to distill down a product from concept through to engineering design and manufacture with links to TRIZ which many product designers would be familiar with.

The Value Model Workshop ( PDF download )

Value Model References ( PDF download )

We run large and small group workshops exclusively on Business Model Generation and Value Proposition for business units, SMEs, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations and community groups.

Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Workshop Handout Notes ( PDF download )

Typical of participant comments include the following:

" Clear, concise, compelling."

" Outstanding content, generous sharing of knowledge."

" Amazing model, great presentation. I found the session extremely useful, both in terms of bigger picture but also as a crucial tool in early project planning."

" A simple process that helps answer some difficult questions!"

" Loved it. I wish I had done it 12 months earlier!"

" Very articluate and engaging presenter. Distilled Strategy eloquently."

" Gave me a new way of thinking about important aspects of Strategy for my company."

  Blue Ocean Strategy Workshop Polarity Management Workshop


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