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Services (continued)

We offer a number of services for our client organizations, from the early stages of reviewing their strategy and business plans through to executing their strategies.   Strategy and Planning IT Strategy and Governance
Organizational Reviews Monitoring Strategy via Balanced Scorecard
Facilitation and Workshops

Business-IT Architecture, Strategy and Governance

We follow a methodical approach in helping both private and government agencies develop and update their Business and IT Archtitecture, Strategy and Governance, namely:

  • Facilitating a Discovery Process and Pre-Workshop to Assess ‘As Is’
  • Validating Discovery and Crafting of ‘To Be’ at Workshops
  • Developing IM&T Strategy and IT Balanced Scorecard from above adopting a consistent TOGAF methodology 
  • Preparing IT Strategy Project Plans and Documentation.

Organizational Reviews

Given our wide ranging experience spanning several sectors, we are well equipped to undertake organization and business unit reviews, win-loss analysis and problem analysis. We do this through what we call ‘fierce conversations’ with executives and stakeholders to discern organizational dilemmas and suggest ways to reconcile these tensions.

Monitoring Strategy via Balanced Scorecard

Over the years, we have worked with government agencies and the corporate sector developing the balanced scorecard to monitor their strategy or policy. We conduct workshop sessions in small groups to build the cause-effect linkages of story telling of their strategy or policy to build the balanced scorecard.

Facilitation and Workshops

We also facilitate workshops and discussion sessions based on your particular needs, including sales planning, win-loss reviews, executive team meetings, problem analysis and conflict resolution.

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