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"The soul never thinks without an image." Aristotle


We offer a number of services for our client organizations, from the early stages of reviewing their strategy and business plans through to executing their strategies.   Strategy and Planning Business-IT Architecture, Strategy and Governance
Organizational Reviews Monitoring Strategy via Balanced Scorecard
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Strategy and Planning

A picture says a thousand words. So it does with business strategy! What then is the current picture of your strategy? Perhaps we can shine a new light on it or start from scratch? For instance, What colour is your sales stategy?  ( PDF download )

Like an artist, we start with an empty canvas. We work with you in understanding your position in the market, your portfolio of products and services and the factors of competition in their respective market segments.

Together we brush information-rich strokes that form the basis of your picture. With the above on the canvas, we then help you craft the picture of your strategy, from where you are now to where you would want to be. Each stroke adds and enhances, reduces and raises aspects of your strategy.

It is now your picture, a strategy anchored in reality and framed by possibility. With your strategy picture now painted from an empty canvas, we work with you to set in place the processes and systems, people and priorities to steer your strategy for operational excellence.

Crafting and steering are interrelated, each in the context of the other. They are the two horns of an organization’s dilemma. Focusing on just one of the two horns puts organizations at considerable risk, often fatal, akin to steering a bull by one horn!

An integral part of our approach is to help you address those organizational barriers that impede your strategy. And this could just be cultural, the way you do things. While crafting and steering strategy is our main focus, we also offer a menu of services for you to pick and choose based on your specific needs.

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