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Driving Value Innovation

"The soul never thinks without an image." Aristotle


We work across a number of industries to drive value innovation as a process, these include:

  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Services
  • Information Technology
  • Utilities
  • Transport
  • Government and Regional Development Agencies
  • Not-for-Profit Sector, Start-ups and Social Entrepreneurs

Our clients across the above sectors include DELL Australasia/Asia-Pacific, Westpac Banking Corporation (Australia), Fonterra Brands (New Zealand), WebMethods (Australia), Progress Sofware (Australia), NSW Department of State and Regional Development with Public Workshops and others, including Small and Medium Businesses.


A few of the testimonials of our work driving business value innovation underpinned with Blue Ocean Strategy and related frameworks including Business Model Generation is provided below:

Alastair de Raadt, Managing Director, Fonterra Brands (TIP TOP) New Zealand

"From the workshops and team works sessions that were held, close to four new business opportunities were identified which are being carried forward to commercialization by the company.  Cheenu planned and organized all the workshops and provided our team with guidance and tools throughout the process. He participated fully in the sessions both as a member of the team and as leader of the exercise. Overall, he was very successful in guiding our team through a thorough process that yielded valuable results for the company."

Phillip Casella, Brand Manager, Casella Wines (Makers of the [yellow tail] brand of wines) Australia.

"Cheenu is passionate about value innovation and brings a refreshing mix of theory and practice based on real world experience in his approach to strategy development in organizations. He has written a very comprehensive case study on Casella Wines that forms an invaluable part of his workshop material on strategy development."

CEO of an IT SME company in India:

“I really enjoyed the experience of Cheenu's workshop on "Blue Ocean Strategy" in Dec. 2007. Cheenu made a remarkable impact in terms of teams' ability to think differently on our service offerings. His passion on bringing change was very visible right from the start of the workshop. He offered the workshop like a capsule which we've been able to adapt easily.”

A.Gore, Manager-Pacific, Origin Energy, Australia:

"I had no idea of what Blue Ocean Strategy meant till yesterday, but after your excellent presentation and the case studies of Curves, Fosters and Casella Wines, it all made sense."

P.Rushton, Principal, Marketing Minds, Australia:

"Your explanation of Blue Ocean Strategy was both enjoyable and informative.  It was good to hear something about how a company might go about addressing its strategy in this area.  Since most of us quickly "get" that it is better to operate in uncontested market space, the value-add of the session was very much about some of the methodology one might adopt in developing a Blue Ocean Strategy."

Courtney Collins, Learning Manager, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Australia on a Business Model Generation:

"Cheenu recently brought his workshop to students of the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Students of the Sydney cohort were so impressed at the accessibility of his model and the way it allowed them immediately to map their whole business and receive input from their colleagues. SSE students overwhelmingly saw it as the first step before writing up a business plan ."

Paul Khoo, Engineering Director, Graphite Energy, Australia on The Value Model:

"Excellent valuable content and Pers personal approach greatly appreciated ."


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