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Driving Value Innovation

"The soul never thinks without an image." Aristotle


Welcome to Ganges Consulting

Our Mission:

We help you drive value innovation as the basis of Strategy. Commencing with the Business Model, we employ a number of constructs to best suit your business needs and help you move from strategy to execution. In this we ensure that your Business and IT Architectures are aligned for relentless innovation and sustainable results.

Both Strategy formulation and Execution are the proverbial two sides of the same coin. Put another way, we see Strategy as the picture which is enhanced by the frame of Execution. Each on its own is practically of no value to any business and hence our emphasis that to drive value innovation, businesses need both Strategy and Execution at the same time.

The processes and tools we use are adapted to your specific needs and propensity for value innovation and leadership. Even if you are a small business, we can make a big difference!

Our Approach:

We work with organizations towards the world of possibilities in both developing and executing their strategy. With our approach, we help you stabilize your core business and competitive strategy in "red oceans" and help you identify and create potential new markets in 'blue oceans" within and/or outside of your current industry.

We passionately believe in a world of both/and. It is possible to have low cost and high quality, excel in planning and execution, nurture individuals and teams. Rather than be constrained by simplistic either/or choices, we implore you to think in terms of possibilities and reconciling contending and opposing values in tension.

Like the river Ganges, we are a confluence of both innovative flow of ideas and practical tributaries of actions.

Our Values: ~ Integrity ~ Trust ~ Passion ~ Innovation ~ Customer Centricity ~

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